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Bourin International


Bourin, the new bowling game featuring girls only, is coming!Powered up by adding new costumes!Easier to play with an english translated version!Have fun anytime, with an authentic bowling game!
▼ All you have to do is Select the stage and character, then in exact timing tap the moving meter.① "Standing position" and "Direction" is decided by the tap. ② "Strength" and "Spin" is decided by the tap.
▼ Fostering the girl charactersBy getting the Item and favorite Costume, foster the girl characters !!① If you hit the Pink-Pins, you get the Tickets !!② Challenge to the mission using the Tickets !!③ Get Coins by clearing Missions !!④ Go to the Shop to buy Items and Costumes with the Coins !!
▼ Basic free-to-play Download Free !!You can complete all the Items, Costumes and Missions without payment.
▼ Pay attention to the beautiful graphics !!Bowlin☆ is used the "Hinomaru" in the shader. "Hinomaru" official site
※Google play Games account is needed.※Previous version of the game's saved data, cannot be transfered.